Windows 10 Game mode Leaked

Microsoft could potentially add a dedicated game mode into Windows 10 that’ll implement under-the-hood optimizations to prevent background apps from bridling gaming experiences, a new report suggests.

The speculation roots from a beta build of Windows 10 carrying the build number 14997, which surfaced online recently.

Windows 10 Game Mode

A dynamic-link library file was recently dug up from the latest Windows 10 developer build, carrying the name “gamemode.dll,” UberGizmo reports, citing Twitter user WalkingCat. The alleged feature will apparently allow Windows 10 to adjust CPU and GPU resources to allocate more power toward the game during gameplay instead of background applications.

If the mode does arrive when the next Windows 10 update rolls around, it’ll essentially enable PCs to act like home consoles, wherein the resources are yanked away from non-gaming processes and routed purposefully toward games to make sure that games run with nary a hiccup.

A dedicated game mode on Microsoft’s operating system spells that the company is impassioned in bolstering PC gaming on Windows 10. The company has already made significant additions this year that brought its two ecosystems — Xbox and Windows 10 — closer together, as sampled by ReCore, the first Xbox Play Anywhere title.

If indeed in tow, it’s unclear whether the game mode will work with all games including ones downloaded from Steam or will be limited to titles downloaded from the Windows Store. Regardless, it’s still good on Microsoft to introduce refinements that’ll prevent background applications from hogging the system during gameplay.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether the so-called game mode is indeed existent, so it remains to be seen whether the mode in question will be included in the Creators Update for Windows 10, which is scheduled for release early next year.

Other Features Found On The Leaked Windows 10 Build

The leaked beta build has also pitted a Microsoft Edge update, important tweaks to the Start menu, and a blue light filter.

There’ll be a new “Set Aside Tabs” option for Microsoft’s proprietary web browser, Edge, which is similar to how pinned tabs on Google chrome works. Additionally, previews have also been integrated into the tab bar for clearer navigation.

Grouping live tiles within the Start menu will also be one of the changes in the forthcoming Creators Update. Other changes are minor — such as a new shortcut for Cortana and a minimally overhauled Settings app.

There will also be a blue light filter feature for those working late at night to prevent eyestrain and mangled melatonin levels, which in turn affects an individual’s ability to fall asleep.

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