About HH

Horde Hunterz is we believe is the longest running guild on the European Hellscream realm! It was started in March 2006 by Gavin D. aka MageTank. At the end of April 2006 the guild was passed to Bob R. aka Barnus who is still the Guild Master of Horde Hunterz to this day!

Horde Hunterz was started as a social/leveling guild and continues to be primarily just that, but, we have in years gone by had a lively and very active raiding section which we are now reviving (apply here if interested in raiding with us) and are actively recruiting new and existing committed members to raid with us. Experience of raiding is not needed as we are able and willing to lead you through the learning process.

Horde Hunterz has always prided itself on being a very friendly and helpful guild. We accept members of all ages (as long as they are mature in nature) nationality and sex. We especially pride ourselves on our care of our young members assuring that they are able to game in a safe and hassle free environment. This also applies (where needed/wanted) to our female members, we do not allow other members to hassle or chase our female members!

Should you wish to join our ranks, you would be made to feel very welcome and if you are new to the game, I and our officers will do whatever is needed to help you get to grips with all aspects of this wonderful game.

Welcome to Horde Hunterz.

Bob aka Barnus/Shadowpaw