Raid Mods & Info

When raiding with HH please ensure you come fully prepared you must ensure you bring:

If you are unsure on what you need to bring then you can find out more by reading up on your class here:


Generally you will require 3 flasks for the one raid below are a list of flasks you can currently get: ( Just encase you have never raided before you do not require 3 of each ) 😛
[ Flask of the Seventh Demon ] // [ Flask of the Whispered Pact ] // [ Flask of the Countless Armies ] // [ Flask of Ten Thousand Scars ]


1 Stack of 20 per raid is normally more than enough:
[ Seed-Battered Fish Plate ] // [ Nightborne Delicacy Platter ] // [  Azshari Salad ] // [ The Hungry Magister ]

Pre Pots

40 per raid night is normally more than enough, please remember you will use these on pull and again halfway through the boss fight.
Potion of Prolonged Power ] // [ Potion of Deadly Grace ] // [ Potion of the Old War ]