DKP Rewards

Kill Rewards

ReasonDKP Reward
1st Guild Kill50
2nd Guild Kill40
3rd Guild Kill30
All other kills.10

Farming Rewards

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Artifact Power503020
Most Mythic+503020
Most World Quests503020
Highest Mythic+503020

Holiday Rewards

We understand everyones partner makes them go into the real world from time to time, this is why we have implemented a holiday reward.  The way this works is simple, you will get a percentage of DKP based on the value of your attendance in the last 90 days of raiding.  For example; if the guild earns 100 DKP and you have 80% attendance you will earn 80 DKP.

Recruitment Rewards

Horde Hunterz are always on the look out for Raiders to join our team, if you manage to recruit a Progression Ready Raider we will reward you with 100 DKP a none progression ready raider will earn you 50 DKP

Attendance Punishments

1st offenseRepeat Offense
Late Attendance-25%-50%
Failure to Attend-50%-100%
Failure to Sign up-20-40
Leaving raid Early-20-40
Late back from Breaks-20-40

DKP Punishments

1st offenseRepeat Offense
Missing Enchants-20-40
Missing Gems-20-40
Missing Pre-Pots-20-40
Unannounced AFK-20-40
No food or Flask on ready check-20-40

All of these are subject to the discretion of the raid leader.  Good communication from you regarding your availability to attend/complete raids will ensure you do not lose DKP! We must know in advance of any changes to safeguard your points….