Raid Rules

Horde Hunterz Current Raid Leader is: Imdur aka Gav


All raiders must show initiative to prepare for raiding. This means doing everything you can to help improve your character & yourself.

We try to keep a good assortment of  information on our guild forums, (so please check daily) including;

  • Tactics for each boss & discussions
  • Some Class help
  • Raid tactics
  • Guild crafting
  1. Artifacts will play an important part in increasing individual potential in raids. Please work towards maximizing your artifact level, power, and relics as quickly as possible.
  2. All raiders must have all applicable gear enchanted/gemmed.  Items below ilevel 875 do not need to be enchanted/gemmed!  Although low level gems are quite cheap to buy.
    Ensuring that your gear is the best it can be is a baseline requirement for any healthy raid environment.
  3. All raiders must bring their own appropriate consumables (flasks/food/stat potions/health potions) to each raid.
    Flasks, food, and potions are quite easy to come by. Again this is a baseline for a good raider.
  4. All raiders need to study the fights in advance.
    The raid leader should be able to simply assign roles, responsibilities, and tasks without having to define mechanics that have been widely published. Keep in mind that the optimum talent choices for each spec can vary widely from fight to fight. Take responsibility to research what this should be for each fight.
  5. Be on time.
    This means: if it is posted on the raid calendar that we’re meeting on Voice Comms at 7:30 GMT, be there and ready to go by 7.15GMT. Have your armor repaired, be on Voice Comms. Have your system rebooted if necessary for lag. If you know where we’re going and that a specific gear is required, have it on you. Last minute runs to the repairer, the bank, etc. just hold us up longer.


  1. A raider must work on improving their skill in their respective role
    Whether your role is tank, healer, or dps it is incumbent of each raider to learn the priorities and scenarios associated with your respective role and spec. While there are many resources available to help a raider succeed, it is ultimately up to each person to have the drive and commitment to learn that and improve.
  2. All raiders must proactively utilise stuns, defensive and offensive cooldowns, dispels, etc. throughout the raid.
    Being a good raider is more than just hammering out a spell priority list. The mastery of the utility aspects of a class are what often separate great from good in the raiding world.
  3. All raiders must demonstrate a working knowledge of their class/spec rotation.
    The tools you need to succeed as a raider are already out there. We have Class Leaders who are available to help, whether that be personal coaching or simply point out existing resources.


A raider must have a positive attitude in the raid as well as accept feedback and constructive criticism on performance.

  1. During instructions, please keep chat free of clutter, stay still and pay attention.
    A few minutes of your focused attention means less wipes and downtime for the entire raid. Jumping around and goofing off is distracting and disruptive. Witty injections & comebacks to instructions are disruptive as well. There’s often a lot of detail in a strat to communicate to the raid. Having to repeat it means more downtime. Save the silliness for fun raids, AFK breaks and the easier trash mobs.
  2. All raiders must obey directions from the raider leader and other raid leadership designated by the raid leader.
    There are often multiple valid strategies to downing a boss. While suggestions are always welcome this should be done on the forums outside of the actual raid. Even if the fight strategy is being done differently than you are used to, do your best to adapt to the current strategy. If after a wipe you see room for improvement or have concerns about a strategy, whisper the Raid Leader.  Public channels are not the place to rewrite strategies on the fly.
  3. All raiders must keep keep negativity out of public channels.
    In Horde Hunterz there is zero tolerance for negativity, misogyny, or bigotry of any type. For example, the use of the word “gay” in a pejorative sense or the use of the word “rape” to indicate overpowering or domination is completely inappropriate.  We have many people from many different backgrounds and walks of life in our guild. We strive to “break the mold” that exists as a reality in many raids today.
  4. All raiders must be willing to learn and accept feedback.
    All raiders will receive feedback based on raid performance. At some point every raid will most certainly receive constructive feed to help improve. The PvE officers providing feedback are committed to ensuring that feedback is presented in a safe and respectful manner. We all have areas we need to improve in.

    It is essential to our raid growth that we be able to look at ourselves honestly and work on these areas.
  5. Keep AFKs to a minimum and always make sure a raid leader is aware you are AFK.
    We try to work in breaks from time to time to allow people to grab a drink, take a bio, take a break or get mended, etc. If you can’t wait for one of these breaks, please try to bring it up in advance so we can decide to all break, or get you in a safe spot.

    We understand that emergencies happen and you may have to take off – let a leader know what’s happening and go.

    Going AFK without the approval of the Raid Leader will result in the loss of DPK points.
  6. Be aware of revive instructions.
    DO NOT START REVIVING until called.

    The Raid Leader will tell you when it is ok to revive. Some zones are buggy and will cause mobs to repeatedly agro the revived parties if they go too soon, or others in the raid are still alive. Other zones bug out when too many people revive at the same time, causing them to lock up. Please wait for revive instructions.
  7. Do not micromanage your teammates.
    If you’re not a raid leader, or a guild leader/officer who’s been asked to give instructions, don’t do it.
  8. Respect your teammates.
    Yelling, cursing, or treating someone disrespectfully for making a mistake will be dealt with by leaders and officers present.
  9. If you are on “standby” for a raid, please have your raid char outside the raid.
    Upon being called up, having to wait 15 minutes for you to make your way to the raid after having to stop by the auction house is not acceptable, please ensure you are ready to go.
  10. Unless a zone is designated by the Raid Leader as a “free for all,” do not attend pick-up raids in any current tier raid zone. This also applies to alts if your main is a raider. If you are a casual member & not raiding with us, this rule does not apply.

    You should never be locked out of a current tier raid zone unless the entire raid is locked out with you.

Remember we’re here to have fun!

Observing these rules of conduct creates a better overall atmosphere for us as a group.  Failure to comply with the rules will result in the loss of DKP points at the Raid Leader discretion!