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The Desolate Host - BETA  


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Once, this was a sacred burial site for the nightelves, but the legion has twisted these grounds with the Engine of Souls. This foul machine draws upon the energy of the dead, twisting them into abominations. Due to this corruption, these tormented spirits have become monstrosities, looking to feed on any who descend into the tomb's depths.

  • Overview – The Engine of Souls exists within the corporeal realm while the corrupted soul of High Priestess Dejahna controls the Spirit Realm. Both share health and call upon the spirits and the undead to serve the Legion.
    At 30% health remaining, the Engine of Souls lurches forward and ejects The Desolate Host, a fearsome amalgamation of the corrupted dead.

    In Mythic difficulty, players are only able to voluntarily switch realms while under 50% health.

  • DeadlyDissonance – All creatures and players periodically inflict 292500 to 307500 Shadow damage to all players in the opposing realm within 8 yds.

Corporeal Realm

In the realm of the living, the Engine of Souls siphons fallen night elf spirits for the Burning Legion.

Spirit Realm

In the realm of the dead, High Priestess Dejahna's soul has been corrupted into dark servitude.

Tormented Souls

Upon reaching 30% health, the Engine of Souls draws forth a vast number of tormented spirits to form the Desolate Host.

In Mythic difficulty, this begins a chain reaction that destroys the Spiritual Fonts.

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